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About Us

The Wasik family truly believes that gathering around a table and sharing good food and wine with friends and family is one of the greatest gifts in life. Using the multiple generations of experience to cultivate relationships and friendships in the speciality food and wine industry we are able to stock our cozy shop with nothing but the best cheese, charcuterie, wine, and gourmet products the world has to offer. We have been proprietors of one of the oldest and busiest full-service cheese counters in the country and have set the standard for serving the highest caliber of cheese and gourmet products in the industry. Located in Wellesley, MA, The Cheese Shop (known to the locals as Wasik’s) is an old-time family business that has been specialist in ripening, selecting, and serving quality cheeses since 1964.

Our Cheeses

At Wasiks cheeses are nurtured and matured under proper conditions, selected for and matched to our customers needs, and cut to order at the time of sale to insure freshness.

The ripening cellar, which dates back to 1966, is roughly 3,000 cubic feet, and contains the ideal amount of airflow and humidity to serve as a perfect environment in which to nurture cheese. It has served as the temporary home to countless ripening wheels of cheese. Every workday begins with a check of the curing cellar -- flipping, rotating, squeezing, plugging, and deciding which cheeses are ready for sale. Controlling the natural ripeness of cheese under proper conditions to achieve complete fermented bliss is called “affinage.”

As second-generation cheesemonger and affinuer, Brian Wasik has accumulated years of experience, knowledge, and trucs in the lessons passed down from his father, Stephen Wasik. Brian spends a lot of time procuring the right cheeses to nurture in the cellar and is very proud of every piece that leaves through our front door.

Our Hand Selected Cheeses

Cheese Boards by Wasik’s

We Prepare Custom Cheese Boards!

Plan ahead and pick up a hand-selected assortment of our best cheese, charcuterie, and accoutrements arranged on our wooden cheese boards.

  • Small (serves 6-10 people) - $95
  • Medium (serves 10-20 people) - $175
  • Large (serves 20+ people) - $275

Because our inventory changes season to season, week to week, day to day (as does the occasion), Wasik’s customizes every cheese board using our best selection of ripe, ready, and perfect cheeses to suit your needs. We are happy to help pair the perfect wines to your selection as well.


Our philosophy on wine here at Wasik’s is the same as it is with all of our products - if we won’t serve something at our own home - you won’t find it on our shelves. Our main goal is to use our years of experience in the food and wine business to create perfect matches and pairings of cheese and wine in a relaxed and unpretentious setting. Cheese and wine are meant to be enjoyed - not stressed about.

Wine at Wasik's
"No one makes booze-and-cheese pairings as easy as Wasik's, as it's known by locals. Walk in toting an obscure red or a craft beer, and depart with a sack full of goodies to go with it. Chalk this up to both experience - the Wasik family was ripening and selling artisanal cheese long before it was a foodie obsession - and a massive inventory that ranges from pungent aged cheddars to Basque sheep's milk cheeses to Vermont chevres."

-Boston Magazine


The Shop

From caviar, pasta, sauce, olives, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, tea, coffee, olive oil, chocolate, mushrooms, and everything in between - the Wasik family has first-hand knowledge of every product in the shop and is proud that if they wouldn't take it home and enjoy it themselves they won’t stock it on the shelves. The shop serves as the communities resource for hard to cooking items high-end gourmet products, and all the necessities need to stock a food lovers pantry.


Gift Baskets

While our primary intent is to serve as the neighborhood’s source of the finest gourmet cheeses, wine, and other specialty foods--such as olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, coffee, tea, preserves, chocolate, chutney, charcuterie, and caviar--the demand for our cheese selections and gift baskets has grown nationwide. If you would like to place an order for shipping, delivery, or pick up please call the shop at 781-237-0916

In-Home Cheese Classes by Wasik’s

This very interactive and slightly over indulgent two-hour class in all-things-cheese is taught by second generation cheesemonger, Brian Wasik. Each class typically includes a “Cheese 101” tutorial followed by extensive tasting of multiple cheeses from different cheese families. In addition, cheeses can be paired with any spirits of your choosing (red wine, white wine, beer, whiskey or what have you). Brian was born into the business and raised in the back room of his family’s cheese shop and has devoted his life to the knowledge of procuring, ripening and selling cheese.

Traveling abroad and visiting the many tremendous cheese producers state-side, Brian has cultivated relationships with the world’s greatest cheese artisans. From the farm, to the cellar, to your living room, Brian’s cheese selections and cheese classes are always delicious, informative and most importantly, a whole lot of fun. Be sure to plan your event early as classes are extremely limited (especially during holiday seasons).

In-Home Cheese Classes


Wasik’s hosts weekly tastings every Saturday in the shop - pairing a selection of wines to taste with cheeses and charcuterie. In addition to these Saturday tasting we hold several on and off premises events. Check out our Facebook page and subscribe to our email list for the most up-to-date schedule.

In-Home Cheese Classes


Thanks for visiting our website. Please stop by the shop if you get an opportunity. If you’d like to contact us please give us a call at 781-237-0916 or send us an email at wasiks@wasiks.com. If we can’t get to the phone we are either busy on the counter waiting on our customers, and its our policy to never leave them for the telephone, or your calling during non-business hours. We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

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